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Rosacea, which literally means "red as a rose", is a common skin condition. It develops as the small blood vessels (capillaries) directly under the skin can no longer contract properly and get permanently filled with blood. And it shows. Sometimes they form a whole network providing a  red appearance. We call this couperose. It can appear on the entire body, including the face: especially on the nose, cheeks, and chin. 


If there are not only visible red capillaries, but also bright red swellings, bumps, and pustules, you probably have rosacea, a skin condition that is accompanied by inflammation. There are multiple factors in the pathogenesis of rosacea. A hereditary predisposition can play a role, but external factors such as UV exposure, temperature changes, hormonal imbalance, alcohol consumption, and smoking are great contributors to it. Aging can also be a cause of couperosis: due to reduced collagen and elastin production, the vessel walls become less firm and flexible. 

There are various ways to treat rosacea so that the skin becomes a nice and even color again. Rosacea usually cannot be controlled with one type of treatment but needs a multidisciplinary approach. That's why you're in good hands with us: The multidisciplinary approach of our doctors always gives an optimal result, getting your skin back in good condition. 

In our clinic, we apply more advanced treatments. Result- the blood vessels are destroyed with laser or light therapy. Very effective! 


We tackle the rosacea in a multidisciplinary way, with advice on lifestyle, diet and skin care, hormone replacement therapy and with treatments such as light or laser therapy. Medicines are also prescribed if necessary. 


  • With Rosacea, light therapy IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is often applied. This light therapy reduces the network of small vessels that often cause “flushing” and reddening of the face. During the treatment, powerful light pulses are released on the skin. That light energy is converted into heat. This ensures that the blood vessels close up and can no longer contain blood. That works wonders for the complexion, resulting in less redness and the flushing -We use Nd YAG LASER to tackle visible capillaries. 


This laser is very effective for removing burst vessels and leaving surrounding tissue completely intact. The blood vessel absorbs the light and converts it into heat. The heat causes the vessel walls to contract, so that it no longer has any function and the body clears it up. When there is a network of vessels on a diffuse red background, then IPL is used, sometimes in combination with the Nd:YAG. The blood vessels absorb the light from the IPL and these are also cleared by the body.