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You want to feel fit, effervescent with energy, and look radiant. But long days at work, an hours-long flight or intense training have taken their toll. IV therapy helps to reduce the effects of stress and exertion. 


The body is a complex biochemical factory that is able to function if it has the right materials. You can use nutritional supplements to make up for those deficiencies, but only a part of them ends up in the blood. A large part is lost in the stomach and intestines. With IV therapy, the right nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream providing you with 100 percent of their benefits. 


At Novo Aesthetics you will be given vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients through an IV line, intravenously. That will hydrate your body, increase your energy level, improve the quality of your skin and even boost your immune system. We offer the therapy in five different compositions, each with a specific goal. 


Radiance - Fortifies hair, skin, and nails. Quenches tired skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A blend of C Vitamins, B Complex and Biotin.

Metabo Slim - Helps to burn fat, restores energy, and boosts metabolism. Contains B Complex and Amino Acids.

Hangover Elixir - Detoxifying. Recover and rehydrate your body while combatting nausea and fatigue. C Vitamins, B Comples, Minerals, and Zofran.

Restoration - Enhances athletic performance. Decreases recovery time while reducing inflammation. Replenishes essential nutrients. C Vitamins, B Complex, Amino Acids, Minerals.

Quench - Rehydrates your body. Restores essential vitamins, improves circulation, detoxes your system. Reduces inflammation. C Vitamins, B Complex, Minerals.

Immunity - Boosts your immune system. Protects against infection. Improves healing time. Reduces duration of illness. C Vitamins, B Complex, Zinc.

Myer's Cocktail - Our 'top shelf' IV cocktail. Alleviates stress, improves immunity, provides hydration and restores balance. Reduces chronic pain. B12, C vitamins, Magnesium, B Complex, Calcium.