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Many people come to our clinic to combat the outward signs of aging. But there are also people who want to change the contours of their faces. For example, it may be that someone is bothered by a narrow jaw, thin lips or a less attractive bone structure. 

Through contouring & rebalancing, our doctors can improve the balance between the different parts of the face. The doctor will carefully study the features and proportions of the face and listen to exactly what you want. They study the different facial elements and how they relate to each other to discover exactly what disturbs the balance in the face. 


Only then can a treatment be proposed that will make you look in the mirror with even more pleasure.


Our doctors are experts in improving facial contours and optimizing facial balance and harmony. Depending on your wishes, they can apply various techniques, using botox, different types of fillers and PDO threads. 


  • Botulinum toxin (often referred to as Botox™ or Xeomin or Dysport or Juveaux ) is not only a safe means of reducing expression lines. Certain techniques can also be used to create all kinds of accents in the face. For example, the corners of the mouth can be lifted slightly, small pits in the chin can be softened, eyebrows can be lifted creating a restful look, masseter muscles relaxed making face look slimmer, platysma muscle can be relaxed making jawline more defined. 
  • Fillers are very suitable for perfecting the contours by giving areas with little volume more filling. Think of thin lips, deeper nose-lip folds, the folds at the drooping corners of the mouth or cheekbones that could be a bit more noticeable. We use different types of safe fillers – each with specific properties. The doctor recommends the filler that best suits your needs and achieves the most natural-looking result possible. The filler is injected with a needle or inserted through a cannula. That choice depends on the area to be treated, the type of filler and the properties of the skin. If necessary, the area to be treated is numbed with a cream or a small injection. However, anesthesia is usually not necessary because the needles and cannulas are very thin.
  • PDO thread lift is a non-invasive way to lift and tighten skin. It’s an alternative to a traditional facelift and restores a more youthful appearance without surgery, incisions, or lengthy downtime. At Novo Aesthetics, our thread lifts use MINT PDO absorbable suture threads. During the procedure, our anti-aging experts insert the threads under the skin to instantly and effectively lift the skin to counteract laxity and provide facial contouring. The threads reposition the skin’s underlying tissues, instantly revealing a tighter, more youthful appearance. In addition, the process stimulates the body’s natural healing response, sending collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to the treatment areas and further rejuvenating the skin.

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