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Acne occurs not only in young people, but also in adults. The skin condition causes both black and white blackheads (the so-called whiteheads) and sometimes deep, painful inflammation (cystic acne). The severity of the acne is related to the underlying cause. Genes, hormones, stress, environmental factors and diet can all contribute to acne. Hormonal changes occurring during puberty, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause contribute greatly to skin changes with increased sebum production, impaired drainage of sebaceous gland and bacterial overgrowth causing inflammation. The areas that contain many sebaceous glands, such as the face, back and chest, are therefore most prone to acne. Acne has the greatest impact on quality of life while active. However, the consequences of acne are sometimes more debilitating with discoloration and scars that remain for many more years after acne are gone. Fortunately, there are several great treatments varying from topical agents to chemical peeling to laser light. The therapy often consists of a combination of different modalities. Our doctors will draw up a treatment plan tailor-made for you, ensuring your skin gets a flawless appearance again. 


A logical first step is to put together a skincare routine together with the skin therapist that can already visibly improve the condition of your skin. 


The VI Peel is a combination chemical peel containing alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxy, resorcinol, and retinoic acids. This unique prescription-only peel is gentle enough to have as often as every two weeks but yet powerful enough to dramatically enhance your skin clarity, texture and tone. It works by reducing the amount of dead cells on your skin, so that the drainage channels are unblocked. It also can kill the bacteria reducing inflammation, and lighten hyperpigmentation caused by acne. 


Novo Aesthetics generally recommends VI Peels every month or so, along with quality clinical skincare products. 


When there are almost no more active inflammations, the skin can benefit from microneedling. This treatment helps to restructure the skin, allowing scars and blemishes to fade. 




Novo Aesthetics uses the Aerolase LightPod NEO for acne treatment. The LightPod NEO is a gentle but effective laser treatment that uses a unique high-powered pulse with a very short duration. It is Considered the laser gold standard treatment for acne. 


The unique quick-but-powerful 650-microsecond pulse makes LightPod NEO safe for every skin type, even patients who normally have skin too sensitive for laser treatments. The unique pulse offers a near-painless way to target acne, causing sebaceous glands to dry out, killing bacteria and removing accumulation of dead skin cells at the sebaceous gland. All the laser and light-based treatments at Novo Aesthetics are safe and proven.